Who can apply?

Priority for internship selection is given to currently enrolled students and recent graduates. See Internship Descriptions for any additional restrictions or requirements.

Can I apply if I am still in high school?

Internships are directed at current or recent undergraduate students. High school students will not be considered.

I am in graduate school. Will I be considered?

Applicants who are currently in graduate school or recently were awarded a graduate degree (within the past year of the application deadline) may apply.

Do you have to be a US citizen to apply for a North American Internship?

All Internship applicants must have, or obtain, valid legal status to be considered. US Citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply, as well as other applicants who can demonstrate the ability to legally stay in the United States for the length of the internship. In the event that the applicant is NOT a US citizen or permanent resident, it is the applicant’s responsibility to prove in writing that he or she has, or can obtain, valid legal status.

What’s a typical day like for an intern?

Each internship varies in objective and goals. For a summary of each current Internship, see Internship Descriptions.

What do interns do after the internship is over?

The Internship experience is designed to provide the tools needed to begin a career in the underwater world. Our previous interns have gone on to work in government, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, pursue a graduate degree, dive tourism industry, environmental law and policy, as well as many other fields outside of the underwater world. For a complete list of all internships, see Previous Internships.

I am a previous internship recipient. Can I apply again?

Yes. Previous interns can apply for a different internship.

I applied last year for an Internship, but wasn’t selected. Can I apply again this year?

Yes. We encourage previous applicants to re-apply. Please make note you are a returning applicant in your application.

In my application, I have documents I cannot upload online, can I email them?

Yes, please email any supporting materials that cannot be uploaded to webmaster@owuscholarship.org. Please ensure they are clearly labelled.

Are official transcripts required or may I submit unofficial transcripts or transcript copies?

Applicants may upload unofficial transcripts and copies in their initial application. However, finalists WILL be required to provide official transcripts to OWUSS. We require all official transcripts to be sent in a sealed envelope stamped with a signature or school stamp. 

My university will not release my transcripts to me, and I cannot include them in my application packet.  Can my school submit transcripts directly to you?

Yes. While we prefer your application be submitted complete, we understand if this is against your school’s policy. In this case, your transcript may be submitted separately.

Are transcripts required from all institutions an applicant has attended or just the primary institution?

Please upload transcripts for all relevant institutions, not just the current or primary school. 

I do not currently have health insurance. Do I need it for the internship?

Yes. Proof of current health insurance is required in the Internship application process.

Do I need dive insurance?

For Internships where diving is involved, yes, dive insurance is required. This insurance can be obtained through organizations such as Divers Alert Network (DAN), www.dan.org

Do I need car insurance?

Use of a personal vehicle, while not a requirement, is highly valuable. Evidence of proper insurance is required if a personal vehicle is to be used during the internship.

What is the best method of submitting my letters of recommendation?

Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society can only accept recommendation letters directly from the referees. As a result, please arrange to have your referees email a letter of recommendation on your behalf, clearly labelled, directly to references@owuscholarship.org.

All scholarship and internship application fees are payable online via PayPal only.  You will be redirected to PayPal upon application submission.

North America:
The North American Internship application fee is $25.00 per internship.

Your application will be complete after all materials have been submitted and payment has been received.

When will I hear if I am being considered as a finalist?

Selection by the internship review committee occurs in February, with a goal of notifying finalists in March 2025.

When do the internships begin?

Internships are typically completed late May to August. For some internships, the dates are fixed and cannot be changed. For others, start and end dates are determined through communication between the intern and the sponsor.