Craig Nelson

North America
Scholar Date: 
1996 to 1997

Craig is an Associate Chief Medical Examiner at the North Carolina Office. During his scholarship year Craig got hooked on the gritty job of search and recovery. He landed a job right after with Lifeguard Systems, in which he studied postmortem changes that occur in bodies in water. This sprouted him to obtain a medical degree, pathology residency, and forensic
pathology fellowship.

Craig has stayed active in dive teams, becoming a member of the San Diego Lifeguards and Police Dive Team and allowing him to function as a recovery diver for cases that would later be taken for autopsy. He also is one of
two forensic pathologists who review diver fatalities for Diver's Alert Network's annual report and has spoken internationally in conferences on investigation of diver deaths.

Craig's favourite dive is always the next one and actively uses his US Navy Mark V helmet and suit on fun dives in quarries.