Sophie Rose Dalrymple

Schutt Photography Internship

Sophie Rose Dalrymple (Rose), 22, grew up in Pasadena, California, and currently attends the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) as a marine biology major. She has developed an extensive background in marine science while pursuing her degree. At UCSC, Rose worked for the Raimondi-Carr Lab as the head undergraduate researcher and the Kroeker and Beltran Labs as a field technician. She also served as a board member for the nonprofit Sunflower Star Laboratory and interned for the nonprofit Sea Turtles Forever. In 2021, she earned her AAUS Scientific Diver certification, which led to her acceptance into three advanced field courses that allowed her to conduct her own research projects.

Rose took her first photography course while attending high school and fell in love with the craft. After her diving instructor gifted her a used camera setup, she entered into the world of underwater photography. Rose was immediately enthralled with the wonders she was able to capture using underwater photography, and she quickly embarked on ambitious projects to bring together her love of photography and research. She first created a comprehensive field guide of South Pacific tidepool species and then went on to research fluorescence in Mediterranean marine species using photography as both a data collection method and an educational tool.

Through photography, Rose aims to make conservation science more accessible and impactful for the general public. She is excited to use the experience she will gain as the inaugural Paul L. Schutt Underwater Photography Intern to further her work toward this goal and her underwater photography career.

University of California, Santa Cruz
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Schutt Photography Internship