Leeav Cohen

National Park Service Research Internship

Leeav Cohen, 26, graduated from the University of Miami in 2020 with an undergraduate degree in Marine Science. Growing up in New Jersey and Israel, he developed his passion for diving and marine conservation in the Red Sea from a very early age. Becoming an avid diver led him to pursue a career that combines his passion and curiosity for the marine environment in support of valuable research efforts.

He began his diving career working on a remote field station in Little Cayman, supporting various research projects examining mesophotic reefs. He assisted a Seamount Research Expedition in studying surrounding benthic habitats by applying eDNA sampling and photogrammetry techniques.

His pursuit to refine his skills in photogrammetry and high-quality imaging led him to his current role at the University of Miami where he is responsible for collecting and processing imagery within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and providing reef-scale baseline imagery in support of NOAA’s Mission: Iconic Reefs initiative.

Leeav is thrilled to be the 2024 National Park Service Research Intern of the Our World- Underwater Scholarship Society. He looks forward to learning from the esteemed Submerged Resources Center; expanding his diverse skillset in photogrammetry, data management and processing; and indulging his passion for technical diving.

University of Miami
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National Park Service Research Internship