Katherine Newcomer

AAUS Scientific Diving Internship

Katy Newcomer graduated from Williams College in 2014 with a major in environmental science, biology, and maritime studies. Originally from Georgia, Katy’s decision to pursue a career in marine biology stemmed from an internship at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, as well as working in Mote Marine Laboratory’s Reef Restoration Lab and Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Program. As Katy continued to dive and expanding her underwater experience in her spare time, she knew she wanted to dive throughout her life and turn it into future career research. After studying abroad at the Williams-Mystic Program and at James Cook University in Australia, Katy returned to the USA and completed her senior thesis on the invasive sea anemone Diadumene lineata, which she then presented at the 2014 Benthic Ecology Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Katy hopes that her OWUSS internship with AAUS and sponsored by University of Maine will help her learn valuable skills and learn critical techniques that will push her forward into the industry and research opportunities.

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