Emily Hellmann

Emily Hellmann, 22, from Manassas, Virginia, is a senior at Old Dominion University. She is majoring in Earth Science Education, and will be staying an extra year to get her teaching license. Emily picked Earth Science Education as a major so she could continue to learn more about the ocean while being able to share her passion with younger students. During her time at ODU, she has been given many opportunities to explore her love of the ocean with different lab classes as well as field trips to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
Emily has had a passion for diving from a young age, as her father is an active SCUBA instructor. After she was certified at age 11, Emily made it her personal goal to be as involved with the ocean as possible. In 2015 Emily expanded her diving knowledge and became a rescue diver, and she plans on becoming a dive master one day. Through scuba diving, Emily has been given opportunities to travel the world, and she cannot wait to share her experiences with her future students.

Old Dominion University
Intern Date: 
2018 to 2019
Location of Internship: 
DAN Divers' Safety Education Internship