Aaron Kissel

Divers Alert Network (DAN) Diver’s Safety Internship

Aaron Kissel, 22, is from Manhattan Beach, California. In May 2022, he will graduate from Bowdoin College where he is an economics major on the pre-med track. His undergraduate research has focused on the impact of pre-existing health conditions on the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic consequences. At Bowdoin, Aaron is an enthusiastic member of the Outing Club and Alpine Ski Team, and has loved exploring Maine’s beautiful coastline.

In 2013, Aaron learned to scuba dive on Catalina Island with the Emerald Bay Boy Scout Camp. His time on Catalina inspired him to earn his Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver certifications on the island. After his time with the Boy Scouts, Aaron transitioned to dive medicine by volunteering at the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. At the chamber, he has worked first-hand with patients suffering from decompression illness, assisted on dive computer testing, and helped with educational tours for local students.

Aaron plans to enroll in medical school in 2024 to become a hyperbaric physician, but he first hopes to gain experience conducting research in the field of dive medicine. Divers Alert Network attracted his interest because of its long history in the diving community and focus on using medical research to make diving a continually safer activity. Through DAN’s Diver Safety Internship, Aaron is excited to learn more about hyperbaric medicine and research methodology, and making meaningful contributions to current research projects. He also hopes to teach others about dive medicine, raising awareness of techniques individuals can implement to reduce their risk of a diving accident.

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DAN Diver's Safety Internship