2021 Virtual Event Series

The OWUSS Virtual Event Series premiered June 3-5, 2021

The Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society has some good news to share! As we emerge from our year-long COVID hiatus, we celebrated our Scholars and Interns with a virtual event series June 3-5, 2021. It is more important than ever that we celebrate success while we recognize the challenging times we are all facing.

Scholar Symposium - Premiered on Thursday, June 3
Link to the 2021 Scholar Symposium

Intern Symposium - Premiered on Friday, June 4
Link to the 2021 Intern Symposium

Awards Ceremony - Premiered on Saturday, June 5
Link to the 2021 Awards Ceremony

Link to the 2021 OWUSS Program Book

Scholar and Intern Symposiums
Similar to the Society's morning symposiums traditionally held at The Explorers Club, the first two days of the event features the final presentations of our returning 2019 Rolex Scholars and Society Interns. This is a great way to hear a bit more in-depth about what they did during their scholarship and internship experiences.

Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony celebrates the returning class of Scholars and Interns as well as announce the new 2021 Rolex Scholars and Society Interns. The ceremony features the world premieres of the year-end films for the 2019 Rolex Scholars, the announcement of the DAN Rolex Diver of the Year, the introduction of the 2021 Society Interns, and the awards presentation of the new 2021 Rolex Scholars.