The Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society® would not be able to provide scholarships and internships without the support of our sponsors. We would like to thank all the sponsors listed here for their generous support. They are integral to the ability of the Society to provide the life changing experiences our scholars and interns are given.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rolex for graciously providing full funding for our North American, European, and Australasian scholarships each year. Without the generous support of Rolex, we would not have the ability to provide the wide range of experiences so important to our scholars.

Our sponsors are listed in the following categories:

  • Corporate Sponsors: Providers of gear, products, and services
  • Hosting Sponsors: Providers of Scholarship Experiences
  • Organizational Partners: partners in internships, education, and outreach, and non profit organizations and/or foundations providing services or donations
  • Friends: volunteers, supporters, and hospitality providers
  • Patrons: major donations

We invite you to click on the website link for each sponsor for more information about them.

Hosting Sponsors


  • Julie Barber
  • Jade Berman
  • Louise Bernstein
  • Crispin Blake
  • Gord Boivin
  • Mike Boo
  • Del Bowden
  • Ernest H. Brooks II
  • Mike Busutilli
  • John deBoeck
  • Sylvia Earle
  • Peter Fields
  • Doc & Marie Gruber
  • David Harasti
  • Jennifer Jeffers
  • Mathew Kertesz
  • Alison LaBonte
  • Carol Ann Leech
  • Ren Lipmann
  • Joseph MacInnis
  • Brenna Mahoney
  • Stef Misner
  • Aengus Moran
  • Patty Mortara
  • Devin Nagy
  • Craig Nelson
  • Kerry Nickols
  • Faith Ortins
  • Beth Pickett
  • Vicci Turpin & Sean Ryan
  • Philip Short
  • Richard Somerset
  • Patricia Stockhausen
  • Robert Straight
  • Valerie Taylor
  • Larry "Harris" Taylor
  • Dave Thomas
  • Gayle & Rich Todd
  • Missy Belsito & Jeff Trotta
  • Donna Uguccioni
  • William Utley
  • Karen VanHoesen


  • Jim & Pam Corry
  • Glen & Donna Egstrom
  • Mike & Pat Emmerman
  • Ted & Barbara Janulis
  • Dan & Betty Orr
  • Richard Laurence Parish Foundation
  • Rolex Australia
  • Rolex SA
  • Lee & Martha Somers
  • George Wozencraft