For more than 30 years the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society® (OWUSS) has offered a variety of experience-based internships. Our goal is to foster development of the future leaders of the marine environment. We continue to believe that by investing in special young people, by exposing them to a broad array of activities in the underwater community and giving them opportunities to work with influential people who are leaders in aquatic disciplines, we are investing in the future of our oceans and lakes.

2016 & 2017 Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society Interns with Sponsors at the New York Yacht Club

The OWUSS Summer internships are offered for a 1 to 3 month period and are primarily directed at college undergraduates and graduating seniors. Internship recipients will receive a grant to help fund travel to/from site, room and board, and a stipend to cover living expenses.

The OWUSS plans to offer several internships in North America and Australasia this summer.  Internship details are listed below.  More internships may be offered, so please check this website periodically for updates. The application deadline is January 31.  Applications will open in October.

North America

  • The recipient of the Dr. Arthur J. Bachrach Bonnier Dive Group publishing internship will participate in the publishing cycle of Sport Diver and Scuba Diving magazines and in producing content for the magazines' web sites, and This is an opportunity to get real-world experience in magazine publishing, including all facets of taking the product from start to finish, and to work on web-based projects, including social media campaigns aimed at engaging our audience.

    2017 Recipient: Chase Brunton
  • Offered in Key Largo, Florida, the Dr. Jamie L. King Marine Conservation Internship provides undergraduates and recent graduates the opportunity to experience working at a nonprofit marine conservation organization. Outside duties include environmental presentations to local and visiting school, university, dive and public groups; working with other local marine conservation entities; and opportunities for conducting marine life surveys during local dives. There will also be opportunities to assist with lionfish research, outreach, and control programs in FL. Office duties include recording and entering exotic species reports into the database, assisting with the development of outreach materials, entering marine life survey data, answering e-mails and dealing with the public.

    2017 Recipient: Claire Mullaney , Indiana University
  • This AAUS scientific diving internship will provide undergraduates with the experience and opportunities necessary for a future in science, diving for research, or scientific diving-related fields. Intern applicants can be students from colleges and universities with an interest in science and diving. The program runs primarily from mid-May through August and will include training at one of several AAUS organizational member sites. This training will give the intern the necessary dive qualifications to allow participation on research projects requiring scientific diving and introduce the intern to careers that utilize scientific diving as a tool. Once trained as an AAUS-recognized diver-in training, interns will participate in underwater field-work at one or more locations and research facilities associated with AAUS.

    PLEASE NOTE: Priority for this internship will be given to applicants who have NOT yet been awarded the AAUS scientific diver certification.

    2017 Recipient: Erika Sawicki , University of New England
  • The National Park Service Research Internship will provide a unique opportunity to work with leading archaeologists, underwater photographers, and scientists in the National Park Service and other agencies in the American state and federal government. Specific work projects will be determined based upon interests of the intern as well as the needs of associated projects. The internship will be based in Denver Colorado but it is expected that the intern will travel to projects within the continental United States and potentially overseas as part of this internship. The internship could involve a specific project in a single park or a larger project in multiple parks.

    Typical projects may include underwater archaeology or filming/photography work with the Submerged Resources Center; biological assessments of coral reefs or kelp forests in places like Dry Tortugas National Park or Channel Islands; assistance with training at national training seminars for NPS divers; interpretation and outreach/education with parks like Biscayne National Park; or public safety diving with our law enforcement rangers at numerous parks throughout the system. In addition to fieldwork, the intern may have the opportunity to visit Washington DC to observe first-hand the crafting and implementation of NPS ocean policy and planning.

    2017 Recipient: Shaun Wolfe , UC Santa Barbara


  • Great White Shark Photographic Identification Internship (RFSE)

    The primary objective of the Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions Internship will be to assist with data management, both on-board the Rodney Fox vessel and at Flinders University. The internship will begin at Flinders University to obtain an overall foundation of the entire data management process and how the data provided from the research vessel is used. Once on the research vessel, the intern will be responsible for data refinement and security, as well as preparation for database entry. Additional tasks include assisting with cage diving activities, general housekeeping and customer service on RFSE.