Halfway point

This week, I’m halfway through my internship. I was originally only going to stay for five weeks, but the folks at Bonnier offered to house me for a sixth week. Awesome, and very much appreciated.

To start this week off, I wrapped up my story about the navy dolphins. It’s looking a lot different than I envisioned it would, but I sent it in rather than miss another deadline. Sometimes you have to show them where you are so they can work with you.

This week I started doing some book reviews. The reviews were short and fun to write. Rather than write a lengthy, critical review, I simply decided whether the book was worthy of attention, and wrote 100 words about it. Typically, that meant reading through a few chapters to get a feel for the book and skimming through the rest for details. Really, the most difficult part about doing the book reviews was putting the book down; I had at least two books that were really good and that I wanted to keep reading. But there isn’t enough time in a week or two to read three medium-length books. It was a fun assignment though, and challenging.

Besides working on the book reviews, I posted some videos to Youtube for Sport Diver, videos that were pre-made but that they wanted up on Youtube.

I didn’t do a whole lot more than that this week, as the book reviews took a few days. I got pretty restless and distracted this week, so at one point, tired of sitting at my desk all day, I started to look for new places around the office to sit and work. There’s a lounge area that no one uses right around the corner from my desk that’s perfect. I’ve been switching between there and my desk a few times a day just to change it up a bit.

Something not many people know about me is how restless I get. I was diagnosed with ADHD growing up, and to this day sitting in one place and doing the same thing for a lengthy amount of time is difficult for me. That’s one way this office job is such a learning experience- I’m learning a lot about how I work.

One day, during lunch, I left the office and did some exploring by bike. Across the street from the shopping village where Bonnier office is located, I found a fast food restaurant on a lake. There were kids out on the water using stand-up paddleboards, and families eating out on picnic tables.


The food was overpriced, but the view was worth it. After lunch, I walked around and grabbed some pictures. Most people had left, but I found a good spot to sit with a view of the water.


That’s it for this week- although on Thursday I got stuck in my first big rainstorm during my bike ride home. The rain was ridiculously heavy for almost the entire bike ride, and even with a raincoat on I got soaked, as did nearly everything in my backpack.


Next week it’s diving at Blue Grotto Dive Resort to check out some wetsuits!


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